Quest for the secret toilet

AS3, Flash
Role: Developer
Agency: PlayerThree
Client: Channel 4

Nightmare high is a series of interactive media for Channel 4, aimed at introducing children into what they could expect when going into upper/secondary school.Playerthree was tasked to create 5 Flash games, Truth Specs, Quest For The Secret Toilet, Komplimental, Brain Drain and Reality Bites. Each game has its own objectives and learning outcomes. As you make your way through the games you can pick up achievements and bonus points for friendship, independence, x-ray and transformation.Quest For The Secret Toilet is a narrative game where you direct your character around the school. Liam Bastin, expert bully, is now so frightening he's making a Black Hole of Fear. Meanwhile the evil Mr Piltdown has chained Chloe Finche in the boiler room. Why? Because he's hungry. Only one place is safe: you must find... The Secret Toilet.

The game can be played on Kongregate and has currently had over 8,000 plays. Or you can experience Nightmare High, interact with the content and play the other games.