The Platform

Unity, OptiTrack motion tracking
Role: Lead Developer
Agency: Cube TV
Client: Mighty Productions

The Platform is a pilot for a new game show where five contestants face off against each other, testing their knowledge, reaction time and their fitness. Motion tracking cameras are used to detect where the contestant's feet are placed on an 8 x 10m LED lit platform.

We developed a suite of games in Unity that integrated with Motion Capture technology provided by Target3D. Working closely with them throughout the development of the games, we were able to utilise their knowledge and use their testing space in London to experiment and understand how the technology works.

We used motion tracking cameras by OptiTrack, which are used in film making, virtual reality installations and animation. We positioned ten cameras around the ceiling and the base of the floor platform. To detect the contestants movement we modified OptiTracks Active Pucks to become shoe attachments that could be worn on each contestant’s feet. These emit infrared light in all directions that allow the cameras to calculate position and rotation data for each foot. This data was streamed live into Unity and allowed the contestants' feet to be virtually mapped in the 3D environment of the game so that they could interact with collidable objects such as buttons, balls or virtual moving platforms. The games were then displayed on the floor under the contestants feet so that they could see what they were interacting with.

The games were built in a 3D scene but used an orthographic camera. This is so that the scene projection was rendered flat for being displayed on the LED floor. For future development there would be a potential to integrate the real world camera with motion tracking so that the real world position of the camera affected the virtual camera. This would allow us to simulate a virtual depth in the scene for the viewers. 

It was an incredible experience that we were proud to be a part of. The games and the technology worked really well and the contestants loved the experience.