Pancake Pandemonium

AS3, Adobe AIR, Starling

​Download Pancake Pandemonium on IOS or on Android

Role: Lead Developer
Agency: PlayerThree
Client: Digital Leaf

Pancake Pandemonium is the first of four children’s interactive storybooks published by Digital Leaf, deployed on IOS and Android. The book is based around one little girl’s dream of eating piles of pancakes which turns into a nightmare.

Its a very fun tale and is made even better with lots of interactive elements which bring the story to life. The story even features narration by an adult and a child, or the option to read it yourself. Hidden within the story are pans that can be collected which unlock a fun bonus game.

Within each scene the user can do different things, such as:
Touching polly to make her wake up the sleeping dragon.
Help Polly to tidy up a messy kitchen.
Touch the beehive to make the bees mad and more.

The app was created by Playerthree and was built using Adobe Air and Stage3D, utilising the Starling framework. The animation was all created using the Flash IDE and exported using a JSFL script which I created, that allows us to export all of the assets and the keyframes of the animations to different scales. It features custom AGAL fragment shaders which allow you to sway the pancakes from the left to the right. A modified version of Flint particles to make the 800 bees buzz around the screen and form “BUZZ OFF” and has been designed and built to work across multiple screen resolutions for IOS and Android.

The book is currently available on IOS and can be found here on iTunes and Google Play.