M.I. High Spy Skills

Role: Developer
Agency: Kanoti
Client: BBC

M.I. High Spy Skills is a collection of four Flash games created and developed by Kanoti based on the CBBC TV series. Each game is based on one of the four characters from the show.I was tasked to develop two of the four games, Codename Scramble and Intel Interception. In Codename Scramble the player climbs up a wall to reach an entrance point, avoiding broken pipes, mechanical rats and cameras. 

The game uses the perspective projection feature in AS3 to create a 3D effect, creating a better illusion for the player of climbing up the wall. Intel Interception requires the player to spin the radial scanner and match data symbols to the correct symbol on the scanner. The player needs to collect all of the symbols to reveal the encrypted message.

Play the games on the CBBC website.