Mad for the mix

AS3, Flash, Adobe AIR, Facebook
Role: Lead Developer
Agency: PlayerThree
Client: Dreamies

​Mad For the Mix is an online and mobile Facebook game developed by Playerthree for Dreamies Cat Food. It’s a small but addictive puzzle game where you need to rotate blocks to match four or more flavours in a horizontal or vertical row. As your score increases more flavours get added to the board making it more and more challenging to get matchs before the time runs out.At the end of the game, Derek the cat mixes together the flavours collected to work out your final score, plus any bonus flavours and any combos which may have been picked up.The mobile version of the game allows you to play online or offline, playing online saves your score and enters you into a weekly competition. It also allows you to invite friends to play the game, post your score to your wall and check out how your friends are doing as well. The game can be played on Facebook and was available to downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Artwork for the game was provided by the client and was created and published by Playerthree.