Entertainment One

3rd Party Maintenance
Role: Support Developer
Client: Entertainment One

Since 2017, Sweet Tooth Games has taken on the responsibility of updating and maintaining a suite of live apps for IOS, Google Play and Amazon app stores, spanning across multiple brands for Entertainment One. These brands included Peppa Pig, PJ Masks and Ben and Holly and created a combined total of nine apps. These applications were developed using older versions of Unity 3D by various other 3rd party agencies.

To maintain these applications we first updated them to Unity 2018 Long Term Support (LTS) so that they could be maintained now and in the future without causing issues with redundant or depreciated libraries but still retain the support for new operating system releases on IOS and Android.

Part of the support given to EOne was to update the supported resolution within the apps to support wider aspect ratios such as the iPhone X. The majority of the Peppa Pig apps were developed before Unity introduced its 2D rendering engine. This meant that the original developer had created their own 2D editor to aid in the creation of the UI, interactions and animations. This involved having to learn and understand how the assets were originally compiled and then re-constructed in the app at runtime. As this was a 3rd party piece of software we needed to ensure we could get up and running with their processes before we could commit to being able to maintain and support the apps. 

As well as increasing the available width of the content we have also had to implement improvements to some of the UI to take into account the introduction of the “Notch” on some newer mobile phone devices. This was only a minor change but also required us to ensure that no other graphical issues occurred on other devices.

With the changes to data privacy and GDPR we were required to update the original source code to ensure that it is compliant with data protection and that the app was not collecting any other data for a 3rd party. We also implemented Google’s Firebase to centralise their analytical data with their latest app releases.