Dreamer to Superstar

TypeScript, PixiJS
Role: Lead Developer
Agency: Dubit Limited
Client: CBBC

Dreamer To Superstar is a band management game for Almost Never, based on the CBBC TV series. The player becomes the bands manager at the early stage of their journey with Chloe as your assistant to help you get started. The game is based on events that award the band happiness and skill but also includes a financial side to the game as well. At the end of each level the band can go forward to perform a gig. This modifies the gameplay into a guitar hero type game where you need to react to the characters lighting up.

The game displays a lot of information on the screen such as the characters happiness and skill, the gig countdown and events on the map. To not overcomplicate and overwhelm the player, we simplified the user interface using icons and images and reduced the amount of text where possible. We also added Chloe as an assistant to introduce the player to new features such as special events and the shop. To help the player navigate the map, we added zoom controls and a click and drag interaction. The player is also able to use a mouse, touchscreen and the keyboard to interact with content, making the game Motor pillar compliant.

The Game is developed in TypeScript using PIXI JS and compiled using Webpack. All of the code was stored in Bitbucket with the BBCs git repository setup as a Remote branch so that we could easily push any updates across to the BBC. The data for the game was constructed in Google Sheets, a process was created to export the data into a JSON data format which the game loads when required. Doing so separated tasks throughout the team and reduced errors. To manage the current state of the player, we created a data store using Redux, this allowed data to be updated to any subscribing object within the game.

Testing was performed continuously throughout the development across multiple browsers and devices. Any bugs and issues that did arise were logged in JIRA so that we were able to manage, update and discuss anything further.