HTML5, JS, Canvas
Role: Lead Developer
Agency: Kanoti
Client: Tate

Dot Shop is an online experience created by Kanoti for Tate Kids that allows users to create there own artwork with a Roy Lichtenstein style applied to it. The user has the option to upload their own image or chose an image from the Tate's collection.The next steps include editing the filters applied to the image, painting on top of the image, and also apply Pop Art imagery. At the end of the steps the user then has the ability to Save their artwork to the Tate's "My Gallery" service or to the desktop.

The experience was created using the CreateJS libraries and Greensock JS tweening platform and is supported on multiple platforms, including Android and IOS devices and desktop computers. To achieve the best performance we used the PHP library Imagick to process the image filters on the server. This allowed us to achieve smother performance across a wider variety of devices.

The experience can be played on the Tate Kids website.

Dot Shop was also featured in issue 243 of .net magazine. The article can also be found on the creative blog website: It was also shortlisted for two BIMA Awards in this years ‘Tablet’ and ‘Leisure and Culture’ categories.