Branded Salon

Unity, AR
Role: Lead Developer
Agency: Form Worldwide
Client: OPI

The Branded Salon app is an enterprise sales tool, used to demonstrate how a product display could look in a physical environment. It features rich 3D models with realistic lighting and allows the user to enter an Augmented Reality view where an environment can be mapped out, allowing products to be placed virtually at world scale. This allows the user to demonstrate how the product might look in the environment they are standing in. 

At the time of development, Unity had just released their new AR Foundation framework. This was a great fit for the functionality that we needed and allowed us to utilise the native AR Core or AR Kit libraries to gain a further performance increase.

Each display cabinet might have up to 300 nail varnishes and various other products on display. This was a huge challenge for performance as each nail varnish had a different colour. To resolve the issue we used custom shaders to colour the nail varnish bottles so that we could reduce the number or draw calls by batching them all together. 

Lighting was baked into the model with Unity which gave us high performance and very realistic looking models in AR.

The main view for each model is based on a white photographic studio. This is where a model can be inspected using touch controls. The user is able to zoom the camera within the scene and rotate around the model. Within this view the user is also able to click on hotspots where to pull up information relating to the model such as product placements or manufacturing details such as materials used. There are other interactive areas which allow draws and cupboards to be opened and also lights to be toggled on and off. 

The Branded Salon integrates a custom RESTful API that handles account management, notes and client information. This allows the sales team to keep track of their meetings, highlight any products that they are interested in and dynamically create an order. It also means that only authorised personnel are able to access the application and use its features. This API is created using the PHP framework Laravel and uses a MySQL database.