Antur Cyw

Unity, C#, IOS, Android

Sweet Tooth Games was approached by TinInt to take on the development of Antur Cyw (Cyw’s Adventure) to design and create an exciting experience where children could be creative and learn by playing games and interacting with the world of Cyw. 

We created Antur Cyw where children could interact with characters and objects within the world or Cyw and play exciting activities. It features 6 different activities, two of which are free play; focusing on music and creativity, and the other four are focused on letters, numbers, spelling, and shapes. These four activities each include 5 different levels of progression. The child is continuously rewarded as they progress through a level. Once completed the level they have the ability to watch a video. When the child completes a level the next level for the activity is unlocked. As many families might only have access to one device we created the ability to create profiles for each child. This allowed us to separate one child’s progress from another but it also allowed us to create a statistics view within the parental section to see how the child is progressing in each activity.

Antur Cyw was created using Unity 3D allowing us to create an interactive world and bring everything to life with animations, particle effects and audio. The artwork for Cyw is very simple and uses solid colour which meant we were able to use a Vector library for the majority of the assets.

We utilised the Addressable asset system in Unity for the loading of assets such audio and prefabs. This allows us to load specific assets when they are required but it also allows us to bundle specific assets together in the future for various languages so that each language is a downloadable bundle that is hosted in an AWS S3 bucket.

Each activity uses a basic state machine to switch between each state such as the question, answer and feedback. Each level in an activity is dynamically created based on level data created in Google Sheets, this then allows us to extend the number of levels in each activity at a later date without requiring additional updates.

A child’s profile and their progress is all stored on the device as a JSON object. This gives us the ability to update the app at a later stage without the user losing their progress.

Testing of the app was continuous throughout the development by ourselves to ensure the activities were fun to play and bug free. It was also checked by an educational advisor to ensure the content was at the correct level and that everything was lingually correct.